Thursday, March 21, 2013

Better Late Than Never

After over four years of ignoring and sometimes antagonizing them, President Obama has finally decided to visit Israel.

Has he finally learned that to stabilize the Middle East, the United States needs to have a good understanding of and useful relationship with, the area's only representative republic?

I suppose it had to happen someday.  After all, during a heated election season the Obama administration goes belly up on September 11, 2012.  The President fell asleep at the helm even as he watched the iceberg get closer in real time.  His political luck at the cost of American lives was that the loyal opposition was so politically inept, they failed to field the grounder that was sent their way.  The American voting public accepted the official administration stance, " Oh, yes, yes Benghazi was bad.  Things have to be looked into and things have to be changed, right after the election."

The secretary of state, when she was finally able to sit up and take nourishment, was deservedly sent packing but her boss remains in power.  But at least we have full disclosure on the Benghazi incident!  Oh, ... we don't, ... do we?

Now that he has made a pig's breakfast of the country's economy and has created a government that can't function, what to do next??  Road trip!!

I think it is all George Bush's fault.

I miss Jimmy Carter, at least he had an entertaining brother.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Election Predictor?

This appears to be very interesting.  I'm going to follow it and see how well it does in November.

Do you have any thoughts?

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clint Eastwood Speaks, America Listens

Even though I am a registered Republican, I didn't feel there was a real reason to watch the Republican National Convention since Romney's nomination would be a fait accompli.

I finally decided to watch some only because I knew Clint Eastwood would be speaking.  I respect Mr. Eastwood for is acting and directing abilities but I wasn't sure an eighty-two year old actor would do well under the strain of such an event.
As I watched his performance I thought it kind of lame and at times thought he was losing his train of thought.  There were however two seminal moments during his oration in which he was spot on.

He declared that President Obama should not be reelected because he wasn't getting the job done and he stated, "See, I never thought it was a good idea for attorneys to be president anyway..."

I wholeheartedly concur with both of these sentiments.  I now admit, it was a constructive activity to listen to Mr. Eastwood's talk.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


President Obama has made a pig's breakfast of the economy of the United States. 

He has shaken the foundation of the system of checks and balances of the federal government by bludgeoning the Supreme Court. In addition he has made many interim appointments that need no congressional approval.

He has weaken the foreign powers of the United States by apologizing to every country imaginable for our actions.  And at the same time he has failed to take decisive leadership actions in the wake of world events.

He as head of the executive branch he is suppose to enforce federal laws but he has allowed the INS not to enforce immigration laws.

With all this said, he believes his path to reelection is to paint his campaign as a fight for women's rights!

Thank you.  Keep going in that direction.  And please leave a nice note to Mr. Romney when you leave the White House in January 2013.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Commissar Obama Speaks: Useful Idiots React

It has been a few days since President Obama threatened the United States Supreme Court.  The most disgusting aspect of his verbal abuse was that it was done in the presence of two other world leaders.  But really, what do you expect from the Commissar-in-Chief ?

To put it in its proper perspective it was not only a threat but a signal for the war to begin.  The war against the court.  And of course it was done exactly on purpose to signal to all the useful-idiots that they must take action and start their salvos against the court.

Enter Maureen Dowd, right on cue!  Her shameful op-ed piece appeared in the New York Times on April 3, with the sexist title of Men in Black

She said of the Supreme Court, "It is run by hacks dressed up in black robes."  Do you think this type of characterization is appropriate for describing a co-equal branch of government that provides checks and balances on the executive and legislative branches?

The piece appeared to be an unintelligible rambling of an illiterate fool.   The column was full of venom and ad hominem attacks for the Supreme Court justices, more specifically the conservatives members.   She stated, " was stunning to hear Antonin Scalia talking like a Senate Whip..." and later described him as, "...often venomous Scalia."  In her description of Chief Justice John Roberts she said, "...he's a crimson partisan..." and also noted that Justice Alito was, "...the insufferable Samuel Alito..."  And she also commented that, "Inexplicably mute 20 years after he lied his way onto the court, Clarence Thomas..." 

A jewel of her mindless diatribe was stating that in 2000, the court had, "...helped to purloin the election for W...."  whom she goes on to slam for invading Iraq and ignoring Katrina.  If all else fails and you have no cogent argument, attack George Bush.  How typical and how predictable.

The arrogance and condescension that President Obama exhibited for the Supreme Court was surpassed by Ms. Dowd's op-ed piece.

I would have thought that a president, lawyer, college professor or writer would have more respect and reverence for the constitutional responsibilities of the Supreme Court. 

The framers of the Constitution and authors of the Bill of Rights were intelligent and visionary men.  They produced a document that was timeless yet flexible. 

It is a national disgrace that some very high profile people have forgotten this.  How sad, how very sad.

Men in Black op-ed piece